Hi, I'm Dan!

By: Dan Jira | Published: 01/15/2021

Hello There!

My name is Dan Jira, and I am the COO and Lead Ideation Engineer here at Snapp Development. Although I have known Stew since he started Snapp in 2015, I was not a part of it until 2019. I first met Stew when we were both in high school at St. Edward in Lakewood, Ohio on the school’s robotics team, FIRST Team 2172. But that, is a story for another time.

My job here at Snapp Development is two-fold. I am responsible for the management of projects, as well as the creation and execution of ideas. The latter of which can take on many forms. Including product design, and user experience (UX) design. These positions also require flexibility, as with the AR Technology I needed to learn graphic design to execute our projects. Coming from and engineering and technology background, graphic design has been a challenge for me as I am used to working in a 3D space instead of a 2D space. However, this background has also helped me dive deeper into what makes an AR experience something to be enjoyed.

Researching the past, present, and future uses of AR has been incredibly useful in creating pieces of design that work with the user to ensure the best possible experience for everyone. Over the coming months, I will be sharing all of my research into this incredible technology in a multi-part series on the “Complete Abridged Guide to the History, Present, and Future of Augmented Reality.” I know, catchy title, really rolls off the tongue.

Part 1 is avalible now! Read it here.

I look forward to sharing my research with you!

Dan Jira
COO & Lead Ideation Engineer