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Integrated Product Development

The traditional path to creating products can take many forms, and companies can enter the workstream any point. This may begin in product design, or software development, or even manufacturing and continual new testing, and then working to build interfaces among all these disciplines. This a costly and mostly ineffective way to achieve results.

At Snapp Development, we blaze a new path in creating tomorrow’s advanced-technology products, through Integrated Product Development. Our technological approach is to integrate software and hardware together from the outset… in real time… and as soon as integration is possible. This saves immensely as components are built and integrated from the start, thus simplifying the manufacturing process for product development.

Our team is equipped to provide the following services as part of our Integrated Product Development approach, all to meet the needs of your projects:

  • Small parts design including:
    • Machined Metal Parts
    • Molded Plastic/Rubber Parts
  • Retail Product Design
  • Mobile, Web, and Desktop Software Design
  • Mobile, Web, and Desktop Software Development
  • Electronic System Design
  • Hardware Software Integration
  • Design for Manufacturability
  • Manufacturer Sourcing
  • Producing Brand Identity and Development

  • Our Process

    We follow a detail-oriented process beginning with design and rapid prototyping and ending with design for manufacturability/scalability. This allows us to deliver results quickly and allow clients to participate in the process. For each of our designs, a minimum of four rounds of initial prototyping are done. During each round a prototype is manufactured with our in-house rapid prototyping equipment. This prototype is then given to the client for review and feedback. This process yields an elegant, effective final product that best meets design requirements.

    After initial prototyping, design for manufacturability is carried out and a final, production-grade prototype is provided to the client. In addition, Snapp Development is also able to assist in manufacturer/vendor sourcing and brand identity development as needed.

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