Part 2: A Complete Abridged History of AR

By: Dan Jira | Published: 03/12/2021
Creating immersive experiences in AR require a solid toolbelt to work with, and luckily for us, AR development has improved with each and every tech generation. AR is more accessible now than it ever has been, and there are quite a few different tools available to anyone wanting to create an AR experience for themselves... Read More

Rendering Streaming HTML5 Video in a Browser-based 3D Enviroment

By: Stew Hering | Published: 03/04/2021
A critical fearute of our web AR platform is the ability to render streaming HTML5 video content in a 3D browser-based enviroment... Read More

Part 1: A Complete Abridged History of AR

By: Dan Jira | Published: 02/04/2021
Augmented Reality, or AR, seems to be popping up in the headlines everywhere these days, as if it were something new, and exciting. And while AR is certainly exciting, it is not new... Read More

Hi, I'm Dan!

By: Dan Jira | Published: 01/15/2021
My name is Dan Jira, and I am the COO and Lead Ideation Engineer here at Snapp Development... Read More

Welcome to our new blog!

By: Stew Hering | Published: 01/08/2021
Here at Snapp Development, we are always looking for new and exciting ways to share our ideas, technologies, and solutions. As such, we have launched this blog! Each Thursday or Friday... Read More