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AR Marketing Services

Snapp Development utilizes AR to transform your pre-existing marketing materials into reality spanning advertisements that blur the lines between the physical and digital worlds right before your, and your customers, eyes. With the simple addition of our customizable image targets, your company's logo can be the key that unlocks the door to the digital world!

A magazine ad can become a product demonstration; A simple mailer can become an interactive marketing tool; a promotional banner can become a full presentation; Annual reports can become personalized messages to your share-holders and investors. The possibilities really are endless!

The best part is that each portal comes standard with a fully functional Google Analytics Dashboard for performance and analytics tracking. This means no more guess-work on if your advertising campaign is reaching your audience!

Ready for a demo?

Check out this piece we created as part of a presentation for John Carroll University using video content already avalible on the university's Youtube and information listed on their website. The design and copy for this piece were produced in-house by members of the Snapp Development team.

Download a PDF copy of this demo here.

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What is AR?
Augmented Reality, or AR is a developing technology that allows the physical and digital worlds to come together through the medium of a smart device. Using computer vision through a camera converter (either an app, or a website), the technology is capable of recognizing certain images, image targets, and turn them into videos that blur the lines between the physical and digital worlds!

What is Web AR?
Web based AR uses a web portal to translate computer vision software into AR. This system differs from application based AR, in that it can be viewed by any internet-enabled smart device without the need to download a separate application to your smartphone. Instead, portals are accessed through QR codes, and are able to view multiple image targets within a single portal.

What's the Big Deal?
AR has been around for a while, however, only recently has AR been accessible to the general public. Thanks to the advancements in camera and processing technology that has occured in hand-held smart devices, AR is now a technology everybody can enjoy!