Welcome to our new blog!

By: Stew Hering | Published: 01/08/2021

Hello and welcome to our new blog!

My name is Stew Hering. I am the Owner & CEO of Snapp Development, founded in 2015 with the goal being to design the products of tomorrow with the technologies of today. Since then, my team and I have worked with many complex new and emerging technologies, such as AI optimization / classification algorithms, browser based augmented reality, and autonomous robotic systems to name a few. We utilize an in-house suite of rapid prototyping machines to create minimum viable products (MVPs) and work with a wonderful set of partners to create product branding, test market viability, and ultimately bring products to market.

Here at Snapp Development, we are always looking for new and exciting ways to share our ideas, technologies, and solutions. As such, we have launched this blog! Each Thursday or Friday we will be publishing a new blog post detailing projects we are currently working on or commenting on new technologies we may, in the future, look to work with.

Check back next week for our first post of a series, The History of Augmented Reality!

We thank you for your interest in Snapp Development and in our new blog!

Best wishes until next time,

Stew Hering
Owner & CEO